Grindlays Piston Rings. The complete range

More than 20,000 different ring types, 6500 piston ring set types, Diameter ranging from 40mm to 360 mm and if it is still not there then we also do custom piston ring manufacturing according to exact customer specifications.

Download Piston Ring Brochure

Download the brochure in which you will find details about piston rings for various models and applications. You can also find out details about the number of rings in a set, number of cylinders, ring dimensions and material. You can also search the piston ring catalogue to look for any particular model details. Read More

Piston ring types

Piston rings play an important part in combustion engines, air compressors and air blowers. There are different types of piston rings, with each type having its own function: compression rings, scraper rings and oil control rings. A combination of these piston rings gives the optimal result

Piston Ring Material

Piston ring material is selected as per the specific application. The ring materials are

GCI Grey Cast Iron
SGI Spheroidal Graphite Iron
S Steel

Piston Ring Coatings

Piston ring coatings are done on the surface of piston rings to give them specific qualities.

CT/CH Chrome
NIT Nitriding
PER Perkerisation
CoF Copper Flash