Engine Pistons Manufacturers & Suppliers in India

Piston is an important component of an engine. It is a lubricated cylindrical shaft that fits inside the opening of a cylinder.It moves back and forth under the pressure of a fluid or gas. In an IC (Internal Combustion) engine it moves as a result of expanding gases in the cylinder head and is attached to a pivoted connecting rod to a crankshaft or flywheel.The purpose is to convert reciprocating motion into rotation.

The important properties that a piston should possess are durability ,Lower friction, Mass and stability in high temperatures.

Now a days the cylindrical conditions are getting hotter and more intense and hence it’s getting worse for pistons.Since most of the manufacturers chase higher efficiency , piston manufacturers have to also prepare for a future which can deliver those results. At Grindlays Engine Parts, we are preparing ourselves for a future that delivers desired results.

Basically a piston tells us the story about the engine in which it resides. A pistons design and technology can guide us on the wider trends and challenges facing the auto industry.In their quest for improved fuel economy and lower emissions, most engine manufacturers are asking for lighter, lower friction pistons with strength to endure tougher conditions. At Grindlays Engine Parts, when our products roll out of the factory we ensure that each and every piece that comes out strictly adheres to above qualities.

GRINDTECH Pistons are made with strict adherence to international standards and are even used as OEM replacements across a wide range of vehicles. We use high quality aluminium alloys for lower friction, very high performance and stability even at high operating temperatures.


  • Flat Dome Type
  • Reverse Dome Type
  • Hollow Dome Type
  • Alfin (with Ni-Resist ring) Type
  • Strut Type
  • Oil Cooler Type etc.
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engine pistons manufacturers

Range: Dia. 25 mm to 250 mm


  1. Aluminium Alloy LM-13
  2. Graded Cast Iron


  1. Anodising
  2. Graphite Coating
  3. Tin Coating
  4. Phosphating

Quality Commitments:

Accuracy is maintained in all fronts – Weight, Dimensions, Raw Materials. All the pistons are heat treated to provide best efficiency and non expansion at elevated temperatures. All the pistons produced are subjected to various inspection tests such as – Weight, Dimensional check (Diameter, Height, Cam, Ovality, Pin Bore, Stroke / Compression Ratio, Cavity Volume etc.), Hardness, Porosity.